Alexandria Showroom

Alexandria showroom and service center is located in a central place, Alexandria Desert road - Kilo 21, which makes it very central to Alexandria residents and all along the north coast. The dealership was constructed under the guidance of the construction consultancy department in Volkswagen AG. The showroom is built over a total area of 300 sqm and is setup for the presentation of 6 vehicles and is directly connected to the service department.

Obour Showroom

The Market Place the dealership is a place of living communication and human interaction, characterized by openness, transparency and spaciousness. Volkswagen architecture draws on the principle of a market place, bringing customer demand in direct contact with supply. It trains the spotlight on the customer and presents the diversity of the Volkswagen brand culture in all its depth and breadth.Against this backdrop corporate design develops a coherent, compelling structural language comprising clear cut dealership signage coupled with the use of high grade materials and presentation systems which serve to underscore profile of the Volkswagen brand. The Architectural concept
Customer dialogue is the main focal point in the Volkswagen world. This is reflected in the architectural style of the Volkswagen dealership. The multifunctional dealership (Obour premises) is based on the universal principal of the market place. This concept was developed by Volkswagen corporate design in conjunction with the Munich architects Prof. Schmidhber and Zeeh Bathos. It is based on the natural function of the market place, as we find them all over the world, which have been adapted to the requirements of a modern car dealership.
For Al Obour Volkswagen showroom, the 4 calonnade umbrella support market stand design and mezzanine floor has been adapted. Its display areas cover a total of 750 meters square and display an average of 13 cars.These cars are displayed within one large circle based on the circular market stand design. There is an additional 1220 square meters of Volkswagen offices plus a private client car pack that can hold up to 26 cars.

Shobra Showroom

Showroom and Head Office:
6 hassan nashaat st shubra el kheima
next to The pLastic Co.
Tel : 42206005 – 42204032

Abou Rawash Showroom

The workshop in Abo Rawash is built over a total area of 1640 m2, of which 750m2 for the mechanical workshop and 890m2 for the body and paint.

The workshop consists of a total number of 15 mechanical working bays in addition to 17 working bays for the body shop.

The capacity of the service center at Abu Rawash is 50 vehicles a day.

The mechanical workshop is located behind the showroom all surrounded with glass to build on and confirm on the concept of transparency. The white flooring also confirms cleanliness and openness.

The dealership at Aburawash provides the client with full range of genuine spare parts through its spare parts warehouses. Finally the booking system for service appointment is active through our call center 19525.

Giza Showroom

Showroom and Head Office:
15 Giza Street, Giza
35728774 / 361